Founded by Emma Symes, following 8 years experience working as a performer & event producer between London & Rio de Janeiro. Her passion for exploring the roots of festive rituals as a performer and cultural researcher gave birth to a belief that she could offer something unique to London's growing market for experiential events.

During my time training as a performer in Rio I discovered the "Pomba Gira" a female empowering festive spirit belonging to the rituals of Brazilian Umbanda. I was inspired by the role she played within the context of festivity - she redefined the role of a "Party Girl" into something more powerful - being a performative, charismatic and sensual "hostess" that enabled guests at a party to Come Together, Transform & Unleash!

Following this experience I united a team of London based performers, costumiers & DJs and together we staged an immersive party experience hosted by our interpretations of the Pomba Gira - we called it the "Pomba Girl Party" (Watch Video Below)

Driven by a determination that we had something unique to offer the market for experiential events in London the Pomba Girls launched as a startup business in 2015 with the support of the Princes Trust Enterprise Program.

In 2016 we received an enterprise grant as Winner of the Creative Enterprise Innovation Award from Goldsmiths University London.

Between 2016- 2017 we have build a portfolio fantastic work with a range of clients and venues across London including: Lambeth Palace, the Golden Hinde, St Pancreas Renaissance Hotel, Citadel Festival, The Dutch Master Party Boat & Shoreditch House,

My vision is to continue to grow the Pomba Girls as an Enterprise asour creative ambition with business strategy to offer more paid opportunities for emerging female performers as I am a firm believer in:

Empowering Female Performers though Enterprise!

Emma Symes: Founder of the Pomba Girls.

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