Pomba Girls Partnerships


At Pomba Girls our mission is to provide more opportunities for talented female performers within the events industry and pioneer exceptional immersive party experiences in the UK and beyond.

To achieve this we believe in collaborating with like minded, ambitious individuals / organizations so that together we can achieve more!  



Join us as a Partner? 


We believe that a good partnership begins first by sharing our visions and discovering how we can support each other along the journey. By setting clear terms from the outset we can continue to evaluate our partnership relationship and nourish it for the mutual benefit of both parties.

If you are interested in working with us as an official Partner or develop a collaboration project please take the time to answer the questions in our Partnership Application so we can understand more clearly your vision / expectations.

Your answers will be sent around any Pomba Girls team members who may be involved in the delivery of collaboration activities. 

Once a collaboration has been approved by the Pomba Girls we will be in touch again to can get the ball rolling!  


Partnership Application Form