Havana Club Party


The Terrace Wimbledon called on us to host a special Summer Party that would Unleash the Spirit of Havana on South London!

 Party Hosting + Photo Shoot Pop Up + CUBAN PARTY PLAYLIST

We Pomba Girls are passionate about Latin American culture and Cuba is a big source of inspiration with all those vibrant colours, rumba rhythms and sizzling dance moves!

Our research into what to do with costumes, music and dance choreography lead us down the you-tube addicts for Havana Cultura project by Havana Club - a brand which seeks to avoid Cuban clichés (no cigars please) and delve deep into the ever evolving Cuban scene emerging from Havana street life.  So before we could start practicing our dance moves we went in search of the hot Cuban beats and collaborated with Latin American music connoisseur - DJ Cal Jader (Movimentos London) who assisted us in producing our Cuban Party Playlist.

For our Photo Shoot Pop Up, Liz Gorman pulled out all the stops- bringing down with her a vibrant blue backdrop to set off our costumes. The Pomba Dress-Up box was exploding with flowers, boas and Havana hats for our guests to indulge in and Transform into their own Cuban icon before posing for a photo!

We brought our Pomba drummer down to bring in some extra live beats to our Cuban Party Playlist that left all of our Havana Clubbers dancing till dawn!