Our Intention:

Host a "Rio Carnival" themed immersive experience aboard the Golden Hinde ship to celebrate the launch of Rio 2016 Olympics!


Party Hosting + Photo-Shoot Pop Up + Live Performance

What we did:

The Pomba Girls transformed themselves into a feisty crew of "Pomba Pirates" who rallied up the public for a voyage to Rio De Janeiro in search of Golden treasure and Carnival antics.

The journey began with a Pomba Pirates welcomed guests for out Cocktail Party with Caipirinhas served up by the Pomba Pirate crew.

Once the ship had "set sail" the Pomba Pirates reenacted their a Pomba rendition of Gwen Stephanis "if I was a rich girl" to really get the party started!

During the voyage Audience was treated to a stunning contemporary dance performance inspired by Afro-Brazilian Sea Goddess Yemanja choreographed / performed by Pomba Girl Valemtind - L.

Things heated up with a Pirate dancing duel (between Pomba Girls Lo / Pilar Fortes) rhythm of traditional Frevo music and a powerful tribal dance scene accompanied by a fierce hit of Afro-Brazilian beats from Jansen Santana.

The night reached a climax when our audience set off on a hunt around the ship to discover our "Pomba Treasure Chest"! The final Transformation - our pot of gold erupted into the Gold covered Goddess inspired by Candomblé Orisha Oxum.

Once all the Pomba Pirates had transformed into their Brazilian icons we set off a samba bloco on the top deck of the ship to Unleash the spirit of Rio Carnival!

Guests were invited to join us on the top deck to dance the night away or explore our Pop-Up Activities happening around the rest of the ship including a Rio Carnival themed Photo-Shoot Pop Up with our Pomba Photographer Liz Gorman.