We bring your brands identity to life by creating evocative immersive experiences that connect with consumers on a deeper sensory level.  


By combining our skills AS performance makers and cultural researchers we can create immersive brand experiences that stimulate authentic connections between brand + Consumer.

THE POMBA BRAND EXPERIENCE HAILS from our passion for the following 5 things:

  • Your Brand Identity: We work in partnership with brands feel passionate about who trigger in us a desire to innovative ways to bring to life their brand identity through performance.  
  • Cultural Authenticity: As cultural researchers with a passion for exploring different forms of festive rituals we understand the value of culture authentically in everything we do and we feel passionate that brands should value this too.  
  • Engaging with People:  We use participatory performance practices hailing from Rio de Janeiro to enable us to engage better with our audiences and spark genuine connections with brands.
  • Digital Sharing: We devise our performance to create a strong visual impact that will trigger audience members to capture their experience and share it across social media platforms.   
  • Emotional Connections: By combining our expertise as performers with a knowledge of cultural rituals we have devised a 3 step process that makes it possible to connect with audiences on a deeper emotive level: Come Together, Transform & Unleash!

Email us: hello@pombagirls.co.uk