Whilst Boys Clubs take flight Girls Clubs fire up for Business!

It’s Friday night; three girls dressed in their sassiest power suits gather around a velvet booth in a stylish cocktail club in Shoreditch. They drink tequila, brought to them by an equally sassy barista wearing a powerful monochrome minidress. They hold their glasses up, toast “to world domination!”, shoot down the liquor and fire up a strategy.


Meet the Pomba Girls.

Their Mission:

To revolutionise London's party scene and power-charge women as a result!

Their Secret Weapon:

The fiercely ambitious network of fellow Pomba Girls which includes the performers, producers, dancers, costumiers, DJs and artists they have encountered working in the darkest depths of London’s nightlife.

Their Vision:

To launch their own “club”, which will host immersive parties such as cocktail soirées & club-nights hosted by women -  for women - where men are welcome (so long as they behave!)

The Pomba Club 


A members driven club- comparable to the traditions of “Gentlemen’s Clubs” only in the fact that that members uphold the belief that drinking together for pleasure functions as a mechanism for releasing stress and brainstorming ambitious plans. Pomba Club events will not be gender restrictive as men can join too and their presence will be encouraged provided they understand that parties are centered around “power charging” the women in the room.

Chess playing corners will make way for “Transformation” activities lead by costume loving fashionistas hosting interactive photo-shoots, Glitter makeovers & impromptu catwalks. Don’t expect strippers but do expect burlesque acts, glitter boobs and nipple tassels galore as the Pomba Girls performers celebrate female sexuality by unleashing their most daring performances in a space they have control over.


The Pomba Club events will fall into two main categories - power charging cocktail soirées during after work hours and immersive club-nights at weekends that will unite Pomba Girls performers with emerging female DJs who are equally fighting for recognition in the club scene. Whilst tickets per event can be bought online or on the door - the Pomba Club will also offer a membership scheme that will provide special discounts to Pomba Club parties & their events services.

“By creating a membership scheme we can grow a community that will unite the Pomba Girls with the people we encounter at our parties who equally apart of the experience. To be clear whilst men are actively welcome to partake in this experience, it is the women we target our energies toward as female empowerment is what we are seeking to explore over the course of the nights proceedings.”

EMMA SYMES, Pomba Girls founder. 


The belief that parties can function as a holistic experience designed to liberate female energy has roots in the Pomba Girls’ heritage. The name “Pomba” coming from a powerful female spirit - “Pomba Gira” who hails from the festive rituals of Brazilian Umbanda. Her role within the ritual is that of a glamorous hostess who enables participants to “unleash” their desires over the course of the party as a cathartic experience designed to bring about personal empowerment.

The word "Gira" is proving equally significant at this moment in time as a Portuguese word meaning "to change / turn around". Applying this idea to the context of London’s events industry, especially following media scandals about sexual harassment over hostesses working at “Boys Clubs” is very interesting. For the Pomba Girls these issues reinforce the fact that now is the time to act and push for genuine change in the way things are run. And if by hosting their own club that encourages more women to feel “sassy” and “powerful” on their own terms then it is definitely worth doing.


The Pomba Club is launching with a "power-charging" Networking Party hosted on International Women's Day (8th March) at Beach Blanket Babylon Shoreditch. This event is acting as a call out to all "Boss Girls, Sassy Superwomen & Fierce Female Founders" to come and experience the Pomba Girls in action!

For more details visit the event page HERE where you can sign up to become a member of Pomba Club and FREE ENTRY to the event.

Photography by Liz Gorman