Last week team LoRIOca were given the chance to dress up in our finest costumes and head down to a Royal Palace (the one in Lambeth) for a prestigious Garden Party celebrating The Prince's Trust 40th Anniversary!

This chance came thanks to LoRIOca Performance being selected as one of 40 businesses start-ups chosen to showcase the work of The Prince's Trust Enterprise Program- a charity which helps thousands of young people "get down to business". The event was a fantastic opportunity for us to sharpen our sales pitch and demonstrate our talent for unleashing “Rio Spirit” on a party!

Ever The Prince's Trust launched LoRIOca Performance (September 2015)  the charity has nourished my entrepreneurial drive with one-to-one business mentoring and expert training workshops that have enabled me to shape my talent as a performer/ event producer into a business. The services I have developed offer immersive experiences for events by injecting them with Pomba Girl Party Hosts, Live Performance and Dress-Up Activities such as our Photo Shoot Pop-Up . The idea takes direct inspiration from what I define as "Rio Spirit" -  the festive spirit of Rio de Janeiro I encountered whilst living there- hence the name LoRIOca: (London + Rio).  By injecting "Rio Spirit" into events in London we enable guests to Come Together, feel Empowered and Unleash their party spirit!

To make the above possible at The Prince's Trust Garden Party I brought along a dynamic Pomba Girl performance duo (Sandra Boom and Gur Arie Piepskovitz) and our leopard print loving photographer (Liz Gorman) to host a LoRIOca “Photo Shoot Pop-Up”.Whist a Photo-Shoot hosted by a troupe of elaborately dressed performers may not be an activity imagined by the PT event team thanks to my persuasive powers (aided by the P.T sales experts Eliot Kay & Lilia Severina) when I pitched the idea - they said YES!  


Getting down to Business! 

The Prince’s Trust is a charity which gives young people the determination, drive and pragmatic tools to "get down to business"! It specifically targets young people faced with the challenge of starting at the bottom - with little money, no carreer and seemingly no plan for the future.

This was how it was for me when I discovered the Princes Trust after returning from a 12 month stint living in Rio de Janeiro training as a street theatre performer. The adjustment back London life was made painstakingly hard by the fact that I had no money, no job, no stable home and an overwhelming sensation that at age 27 that I was the worlds biggest failure. It was whilst weighing up my list of seemingly hopeless options suggested to me by the job centre that I discovered The Prince's Trust Enterprise Program and followed it up on the basis that I had quite literally nothing to loose.

My journey began with successfully completing the 5 day intensive Enterprise Course that where I learned that setting up a business would probably be the hardest challenge of my life but ultimately if I succeeded I would have what I always wanted - the chance to do things my way. And it also made me realize that I did have something - I had an idea, all be it a vague one at this point - more of an instinct that my passion for dressing up, performing and hosting parties fueled by all that “Rio Spirit” I had picked up on the streets of Rio was worth something.

To understand the true value of that “something” has driven me to develop a business model that has involved juggling my time performing/ producing with undertaking market research, conducting case studies, figuring out business logistics, keeping track of my cash-flow and planning ahead into points in the future that I had previously never dared imagine!

Since I began my enterprise journey I have felt powered up by the endless possibilities of all the amazing things I could do. Fortunately this high has not resulted in a crash thanks to the continued mentoring support offered by The Princes Trust Enterprise program. This mentoring has enabled me to comprehend how achieve around 10% of these “things” right now and plan head for the other 90%-  that I believe can and will happen one day...

Until that day comes I am quite content to dance around the grounds of Royal Palaces with my team of Pomba Girls, throwing "money" into the sky and cavorting with enthusiastic guests who share our passion for dressing up!

Text by Emma Symes (Business Owner)

Photography: Liz Gorman @lizmakespics

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