Pomba Performer Initiation

In preparation for "The Pomba Girls: Halloween Possession Party" the Pomba Girls ran 2 x Performance Training Workshops exploring the theme of "Possession in Performance" with a group of students from Goldsmiths University London.

"Our intention during our first workshop "Possession in Performance" was to strengthen our performance collective by recruiting new members in an exercise would serve as a Pomba Girl 'performer initiation'. We lead participants on a journey around Nunhead Cemetery; this unique environment offers for those who enter its gates a profound sense of escapism though its overgrown nature and associations with the spiritual word.

Together we journeyed around the cemetery chanting the music belonging to the original Umbanda ritual: “O Sino da Igreginha”. This process acted as a kind of “initiation” for our new members and gave us [the Pomba Girls] a chance to re- connect as a performance collective. The spiritual nature of the surrounding lead us to reflect upon our individual intentions for involving ourselves with this performance - which we explored in a deeper sense during our Shemanic Drumming workshop the following week.

Oh and not forgetting we developed our skills as donut dunkers!"

Emma Symes. Pomba Girl